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Emailing My List

How often can I email my list about my upcoming teleseminars
without appearing too pushy or over-aggressive?

Best Time For Teleseminars


Is there a best day of the week and best time of day to hold free
teleseminars versus fee-based teleseminars?

Teleseminar Budget


“How do you motivate famous business leaders like Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey or Harvey Mackay to do a teleseminar with you, especially if you’re new in the industry?

Podcasting For Dollars

Podcasting will be a revenue generating way to deliver info products soon. It’s happening now because it’s as easy as a private interview, a public teleseminar, or speaking into a microphone. Plus, Podcasts are a fast, simple and convenient way to deliver content in the same “time shifted” manner that a DVR (Digital Video Recorder, i.e. TiVO) does with TV shows or movies on HBO.

Imagine a world in which you deliver content via the Internet. It could be teleseminar content, private interviews such as or your audio “How To” courses. Any way you slice it, your audience downloads/uploads your content via their USB port onto their PC or Laptop. And then they put a small antenna on their iPod, Zen, MuVo or any other media player, they find an open FM station on their car stereo … and all of a sudden you’re now competing with radio programming!

That’s right, your content can quickly and easily play over the car stereo. No joke. And the beauty of it all is its seamless delivery method. You see, I don’t believe the value is in the media player such as a $300 iPod or Zen player. In the information marketing world (unlike the music world, which Steve Jobs captured), the value is in the information. Give away the “media player” and sell the “content,” I say!

Listen to the shows I do weekly at and you’ll soon discover how efficient Podcasting can be. I believe that this method or information marketing will make the CD, DVD and of course, audio cassette, obsolete. Listen to Podcasts available at and others soon to come.

~ Alex Mandossian

Why Virtual Book Tours Work

Virtual Book Tours is a concept I came up with a few years ago after attending a “physical” book signing in Corte Madera, CA with Former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore. I couldn’t believe my ears when I learned that he sold less than 500 books that night! I figured it would be a lot easier to sell more books, faster, better and less human effort via teleseminars.

And so I created the virtual book tour concept and book promotion for my colleagues and me has never been easier or more profitable. A “VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR” is nothing more than an “ASK” campaign utilizing the coupled with a teleseminar utilizing a bridge line from vendor of your choice.

Here are examples:

Harvey Mackay’s “WE GOT FIRED”


Mark Victor Hanson & Robert Allen’s “CRACKING THE MILLIONAIRE CODE”


Harvey Mackay’s “WE GOT FIRED”

Mireille Guilano’s “FRENCH WOMEN DON’T GET FAT”

And the list goes on and on and on, so if you’re an infopreneur who wants the inside scoop on how to promote books “virtually” for more profits, the contact Liora ( a.k.a. “Virtual Book Tour Gal” ) at

~ Alex Mandossian

“Get Physical” with eBooks

It’s no surprise that ebooks are the “staple” information products on the Net. It doesn’t matter if you utilize Adobe PDF or from my partner, Armand Morin. What’s important is that you offer your readers (and listeners) some type of ebook. And if you’re going to charge for that ebook, I highly recommend you offer a “PHYSICAL CD” version for just $10 or $15 more. Even at $5 more, it’s worth it. Your refund requests will instantly be lower and you’ll have fewer and fewer “tire kickers” who order your information products.

I recommend getting “PHYSICAL” with your software products as well. If you offer downloadable software online, offer a CD “back-up” version for $5 more. Remember, you can always put a package insert into your mail piece and capture more sales OFFLINE. I do this all the time and the fulfillment house I recommend is run by Bret Ridgway in Terre Haute, IN. It’s called and he’s always done right by me.

~ Alex Mandossian

Why Interns Make “Cents”

If you’re an info marketer who wants to maximize income with the minimal human effort, then finding a good virtual assistant is critical.

Start with an Intern. Internships should last from 30 to 90 days until you have a comfort level with each other. And that Intern’s job may be checking your emails (SAVES YOU TIME), managing and editing content (SAVES YOU TIME), phone calls to new buyers of your info products (SAVES YOU TIME), or any number of tasks you do now.

My Interns work on a “trial” basis (no cost to me) and learn and learn and learn all about my info marketing business. If after 90 days, the Intern and I feel a high comfort and trust level, I hire him or her on a part-time basis … then later full-time.

Every PA (Personal Assistant) I’ve ever hired has gone through this process and some have become JV (joint venture) Partners. Here are the 3 Steps: Step 1: Learn & Learn (Internship) Step 2: Earn & Learn (Paid Assistant) Step 3: Earn & Earn (JV Partner).

It’s really that simple once you decide you want to make more money, faster, better and with the least amount of human effort. One last thing: The best character trait to look for in a good PA is “common sense.” Nothing is more important than “common sense” in the information marketing business … or any business for that matter :-)

~ Alex Mandossian

Teleseminars For Cash

For anyone just starting out, I recommend doing at least 5 free teleseminars on the topic of your expertise. Once you gain most listeners, then start charging. Your freebies need to be recorded and transcribed … and you instantly have created 5 info products out of thin air!

Focus on one topic because your FIRST teleseminar is typically your WORST teleseminar. And it gets easier from that point on! By the way: Your SECOND teleseminar is your SECOND worst … and so on. Once you’ve accepted this simple truth, you’ll “TURN PRO” as an info marketer.

Now many people ask me “What price should I charge?” The better questions is, “How and when should I ask to charge.” In my experience, price levels are not as critical as knowing WHEN and HOW to ask for price levels you set.

Here’s my answer: After your fifth or sixth free teleseminar you’ve pulled off (on 1 topic of expertise), offer the audio transcripts to the call for a fee. If 20% of your registrants accept, you’ve got winning content and you can keep charging from now on! Of course, I recommend you utilize to for all of your surveys – online or offline.

~ Alex Mandossian

Charge for Teleseminars

Hi, Alex!
I was wondering – when you do a teleseminar should you do it for free and give it as a bonus gift, should you do it for free and offer something at the end, should you charge for it upfront. . . .? I’ve seen it done so many different ways I was wondering which one works best.
Thanks so much!

Virtual Assistants

I’m getting to the point of spending so much time doing administrative-type tasks that I don’t have time to concentrate on producing revenue. I’ve heard the term “virtual assistant” and was wondering what they are, how they work and do you think they are worth the effort?