“Get Physical” with eBooks

It’s no surprise that ebooks are the “staple” information products on the Net. It doesn’t matter if you utilize Adobe PDF or http://www.EbookGenerator.com from my partner, Armand Morin. What’s important is that you offer your readers (and listeners) some type of ebook. And if you’re going to charge for that ebook, I highly recommend you offer a “PHYSICAL CD” version for just $10 or $15 more. Even at $5 more, it’s worth it. Your refund requests will instantly be lower and you’ll have fewer and fewer “tire kickers” who order your information products.

I recommend getting “PHYSICAL” with your software products as well. If you offer downloadable software online, offer a CD “back-up” version for $5 more. Remember, you can always put a package insert into your mail piece and capture more sales OFFLINE. I do this all the time and the fulfillment house I recommend is run by Bret Ridgway in Terre Haute, IN. It’s called http://www.SpeakerFulfillmentServices.com and he’s always done right by me.

~ Alex Mandossian



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