Podcasting For Dollars

Podcasting will be a revenue generating way to deliver info products soon. It’s happening now because it’s as easy as a private interview, a public teleseminar, or speaking into a microphone. Plus, Podcasts are a fast, simple and convenient way to deliver content in the same “time shifted” manner that a DVR (Digital Video Recorder, i.e. TiVO) does with TV shows or movies on HBO.

Imagine a world in which you deliver content via the Internet. It could be teleseminar content, private interviews such as http://www.MarketingOnlineLive.com or your audio “How To” courses. Any way you slice it, your audience downloads/uploads your content via their USB port onto their PC or Laptop. And then they put a small antenna on their iPod, Zen, MuVo or any other media player, they find an open FM station on their car stereo … and all of a sudden you’re now competing with radio programming!

That’s right, your content can quickly and easily play over the car stereo. No joke. And the beauty of it all is its seamless delivery method. You see, I don’t believe the value is in the media player such as a $300 iPod or Zen player. In the information marketing world (unlike the music world, which Steve Jobs captured), the value is in the information. Give away the “media player” and sell the “content,” I say!

Listen to the shows I do weekly at http://www.MarketingOnlineLive.com and you’ll soon discover how efficient Podcasting can be. I believe that this method or information marketing will make the CD, DVD and of course, audio cassette, obsolete. Listen to Podcasts available at http://www.BigSeminarLive.com and others soon to come.

~ Alex Mandossian



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