Teleseminars For Cash

For anyone just starting out, I recommend doing at least 5 free teleseminars on the topic of your expertise. Once you gain most listeners, then start charging. Your freebies need to be recorded and transcribed … and you instantly have created 5 info products out of thin air!

Focus on one topic because your FIRST teleseminar is typically your WORST teleseminar. And it gets easier from that point on! By the way: Your SECOND teleseminar is your SECOND worst … and so on. Once you’ve accepted this simple truth, you’ll “TURN PRO” as an info marketer.

Now many people ask me “What price should I charge?” The better questions is, “How and when should I ask to charge.” In my experience, price levels are not as critical as knowing WHEN and HOW to ask for price levels you set.

Here’s my answer: After your fifth or sixth free teleseminar you’ve pulled off (on 1 topic of expertise), offer the audio transcripts to the call for a fee. If 20% of your registrants accept, you’ve got winning content and you can keep charging from now on! Of course, I recommend you utilize to for all of your surveys – online or offline.

~ Alex Mandossian



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