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Why iPods Are Best For Podcasting

By Alex Mandossian

Many in the information marketing world agree that offering specialized content is the way to earn a lot of money with Podcasting.

It is another way to serve the needs of their market in addition to offering seminars, teleseminars, CDs and DVDs.  The key is that the content must be actionable and monetizable, meaning that someone can take action upon it and can monetize it.

It is reported that 30% of all cars sold in the U.S. in 2006 will offer an option of including some sort of iPod connectivity. This opens a whole marketing channel for information marketers. Perhaps the most exciting item announced by Apple is the release of the iPod Nano.

It has a gorgeous color display, is thinner than a pencil, and weighs 1.5 ounces.  It also uses Flash memory instead of a hard drive resulting in fourteen hours of battery life.

Having a color screen is very important on multiple levels because it allows for an enhanced podcast that could include screen shots, graphs, and bars. The 2 gig version is $199. The 4 gig version is $249. I believe this is a huge advance for Apple. Steve Jobs has again dominated the marketplace and his products have class and style.

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Why iPods Dominate Info Marketing World

By Alex Mandossian

Apple has announced that iTunes is selling 1.8 million songs a day.

This shows that people are going to the internet for content and are willing to pay well for it. Songs are soft content. If consumers are willing to pay $0.99 for soft content, how much more are they going to be willing to pay for hard content?

iTunes has a phenomenal 82% market share in the U.S.  The iTunes podcast directory has 15,000 podcast and is adding 1,000 every week.

How does this compare to the competition?

Podcast Alley, one of the larger podcast directories out there, currently has about half that much. Apple is not only a key player in the media player market, it is a key player in the directory world as well.

With 1,000 new podcasts added every week, the impact and the position of the iTunes podcast directory simply cannot be denied. It will be hard for the competition to catch up to this.

Apple also released iTunes 6 recently. Though it has no new specific podcast related features, it is cleaner, more compact, and easier on the eye.

I think the biggest news is that iTunes just released the iTunes phone, a cellular phone that holds about a hundred songs.

Because it has a screen, people can choose the song they want to listen to, unlike the iPod shuffle that has no screen.

The Apple iPod has a 74% market share.  That means three out of every four portable players are iPods.

That′s not just market share; that is market domination.  In the second quarter of 2005, 22 million iPods were sold – not in one year, but just in one quarter.

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