Harry Potter and the Magic of Podcasting

By Alex Mandossian 

Recently Steve Jobs of Apple Computer announced that they had acquired digital rights to Harry Potter for their iTunes store. The significance of this is that Apple has digital products that people want, and they are only available through iTunes. There is only one place you can download Harry Potter and only one place you can listen to it: on an iPod device. It won′t work on a Zen or a Pocket PC.

There has been much discussion about which type of media player is best for information marketers to use in marketing their products to their customers. The debate has been whether to used locked players such as the Apple iPod or unlocked players such as the Zen.

Locked players present several security challenges and preloading iPods with your own content can be a challenge. In contrast, an unlocked player allows anyone to upload information onto it and use it.

Podcast Directories

After weeks of hesitancy and unwillingness to use a locked media player, I have finally decided to use the iPod Nano media player to market my information products. The main reason I caved in is because of the iTunes podcast directory

In the first two months, the iTunes directory brought 15,000 podcasts into the directory and 7 million podcasts subscriptions. It has its own search engine, so you can use keywords to attract exactly the type of market you want.

It is growing the same way search engines did in the late 1990s. Anyone not listed in this directory is going to be left behind.

What is iTunes′ impact on the podcasting industry? They have a phenomenal 82 % market share in the U.S., 2 million songs in their inventory, 10 million accounts, and have sold more than 500 million songs.



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