Podcasts: Hard vs. Soft Content

By Alex Mandossian

There are two types of content in the information publishing world: soft content and hard content. Soft content is what Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopra talk about – motivation and self-improvement. It is what I call business-to-consumer marketing.

On the other hand, hard content includes advice and information about investments, newsletters, teleseminars, affiliate programs, podcasts, and information marketing. Sites like AlexMandossian.com are a good example of this. It is what I call business-to-business marketing.

Many times the soft topics are more important to us than the hard topics. But soft content is not going give someone a quick return on investment the way hard content can because it is difficult to measure the results. Because of this, soft content tends to sell for much less than hard content.

Look at any information publishing aggregator like Nightingale.com or Amazon.com. A normal hardcover book takes two or three years to write and sells for about $24. I get $30-$40 for an e-book, and my friend Armand Morin gets $97 for an e-book.

Because there is a higher return on investment for the customer, even generalized hard content can earn much more money for the information marketer. Most people cannot get consumers to spend $1,800 for soft content, but business people will gladly pay upwards of $1,800 for good hard content.



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