Revolutionizing the Marketplace

By Alex Mandossian

Most people don′t want to buy and carry around multiple electronic devices, but most Americans today already have a cell phone.  Now Apple has come out with the iPod phone.   

Although not everyone is going to buy the iPod phone in the next two months, I think that in the next year every phone is going to have some sort of MP3 capability on it, and Apple is going to lead the way.  With a podcast directory of 15,000 podcasts, and sales of 1.8 million songs per day, it′s going to be hard for people not to pick up the iPod phone.

The iPod Nano has added some new features including integration with most of the popular programs including Outlook.  This means that the same group who says, “I don′t want to carry another device,” can use a Nano in place of their PDA.  For those people who don′t want to buy another device, the Nano offers the features of a PDA and an MP3 player.



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