Car Integration vs. Phone Podcasting

By Alex Mandossian

Right now, people can plug a FM broadcaster into their car, attach their media player, and listen on their FM stereo.  With car integration, that′s history. Thirty percent of all cars in 2006 are going to be integrated with some sort of iPod connection. Imagine what is going to happen the year after that.

Ninety-seven million Americans drive to work alone every single morning, and many of them are looking for hard content rather than songs or soft content to listen to.  We have players now that make it easy to listen and a directory that makes it possible, a commerce system that enables it, and some beautiful players that make it fun.

Car integration provides a great market for hard content information providers.  But I believe that the iPod phone is probably even more valuable to information marketers than the iPod dock in automobiles because people carry their phones with them everywhere.  They park their cars in the garage.

Phones are the marketing channel you want to own if you′re going to sell current, live information because they allow for this kind of communication and information sharing.   

When people are driving their cars, they have a lot of down time for listening, but it′s usually not live information.  They are listening to information that has already been recorded and downloaded to a player.  With an iPod phone, they can listen to a live podcast that provides hard content such as information and training.

This is the market I want to dominate.  I want to sell the content and give away the players to bring people into the world of content.  With all these great avenues opening up for podcasting, suddenly the world of podcasting becomes a lot more attractive to consumers.



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