Is Yahoo! Podcasts the iTunes Killer?

By Alex Mandossian

Yahoo! made a big announcement recently about its beta release of Yahoo! Podcasts at

As an information marketer, my main interest in podcasting has been on monetization and usability.  My goal is to use podcasts to communicate quickly and better with my mentors and students.

Currently, the podcast marketing giant is iTunes because of its ease of use, great media players, and huge podcast directory.  More people own iPods than any other brand of media players, and there′s a very good reason for that. 

Apple is a consumer products company.  They make beautiful media players and put them in beautiful packaging.  ITunes is very easy to use, and you can easily find and download music and podcasts from their directory. 

Yahoo! also has a music store,, known to most people as Yahoo! Music, and now they have a podcast service as well –  However, there are big differences in the way iTunes and Yahoo! Music delivers their content. 

With iTunes, you can download music for 99 cents a song, and you own the song.  However, music downloaded from iTunes can only be listened to using iTunes software, and the iTunes software must be on your computer or in your iPod media player.

Yahoo! Music is web-based; you don′t have to have Yahoo!′s software on your computer to be able to listen to a song or a podcast.  You can listen to it online or simply download it.

Yahoo! offers an unlimited music package for $5 a month.  Essentially, you are renting the music rather than owning it.  But for only $5 a month, you can listen to as much music as you want and download it to your computer or media player.



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