Usability of Yahoo! Podcasts

By Alex Mandossian

What does Yahoo! Podcasts mean to information marketers?  The answer is usability, the ability to use something very easily.

People and companies invest a lot of money on researching usability because if a product isn′t easy to use, it won′t be consumed.  And if it isn′t used, no one will buy it. 

I believe that usability is what is going to move Yahoo! Podcasts ahead of iTunes.

Yahoo! has bridged a huge gap in usability by offering an offline and online application.  Both iTunes and Yahoo! Podcasts are easy to use. But only Yahoo! lets me listen to podcasts online and on any number of different media players. 

Because of Apple′s closed source software, movies, music, and podcasts downloaded through iTunes can only be enjoyed using an iTunes player such as an iPod or the iTunes software on your computer.  That means that if I download a song or podcast from iTunes, I can only listen to it on my iPod or by using iTunes on my computer.  Windows Media Player can′t play it, and my Zen media player can′t play it.

However, with Yahoo! Podcasts, I can listen to a podcast just by going to and clicking the listen button.  Or I can download it to my portable MP3 player and listen to it there.  You can even use a high-speed cellular phone to download podcasts directly to your phone from Yahoo! Podcasts.  How cool is that?



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