How the Video iPod Increases the Monetization of Podcasts

By Alex Mandossian 

Podcasting is another time-shifted form of communication. Like cassette tapes and CDs, it is a vehicle for providing content.  However, podcasting is cheaper, faster, and far more convenient and efficient. 

The Video iPod just released by Apple is the newest kid on the block. 

Almost everyone is podcasting for free these days.  So in the information marketing world, the main question is, “How can I monetize a podcast?” 

I have found that profiting with a podcast is possible, and I am doing it today by delivering my content to my market through a podcast. 

If you think of podcasting as just another way to get your content to your customers, then you realize that the monetizable part isn′t the podcast but the content in the podcast itself.

Information products have been sold for decades through Nightingale-Conant and on websites like,, and others.  So the concept of selling information is not new.



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