Active vs. Passive Learning

By Alex Mandossian

Apple has now released the Video iPod. There′s a 40 gigabyte model and an 80 gigabyte model for only $100 more. It even connects to your television screen.

As an information marketer, I am not a big fan of using video for education and learning, except as it relates to entertainment, because of dead-time learning.

Dead-time is that time we waste while sitting in traffic or traveling, the time that doesn′t require all our visual attention. It is time when we can pay passive attention to music, the radio, or training information.

Nightingale-Conant is one company that has been supplying training information to their customers for years, allowing them to turn wasted time into productive time through passive learning.

The opposite of dead-time would be live-time. Live-time requires active attention and involves active learning. This is where video comes in. The Video iPod will require live-time active attention since the user must be able to view the screen.

At first glance, it may seem that the Video iPod will not have much of an impact on the information marketing industry. But I believe that the Video iPod will actually help sell even more audio iPods.



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