What Should Microsoft Do If They Really Want to Get Into the Podcasting Game?

By Alex Mandossian

Microsoft has always been a lagging indicator in the direction that Internet marketing and the technology realm are heading. They tend to watch what′s happening and join in after something has been already been established, after someone else has made the mistakes.

It′s an interesting strategy. But when it comes to podcasting, there are those who believe that Microsoft is just too late to join the game. A few critics have said that there is absolutely nothing that Microsoft can do to become relevant in the podcasting arena.

Recently, Microsoft executives have talked about podcasting being part of upcoming software releases. We′ve heard that Longhorn, the next generation Windows operating system, is going to have RSS and other features integrated into it. But they′ve really done nothing at this point.

They recently had a big RSS integration demo with Longhorn in front of a large audience. During the presentation, it crashed. This doesn′t look good for Microsoft.

Now I hear that RSS is going to be integrated into Internet Explorer and we’ll be able to subscribe to a podcast right from our webpage.

Well, we already have software that works with the existing operating systems and are absolutely satisfied with the current mentality.  Who′s going to want to buy a $300 operating system to do something you can already do? Integration into the OS is becoming less and less important.

They′ve recently launched Windows Live and Office Live, both of which have RSS integration, but neither has anything to do at all with podcasting. So far, all we′ve seen is Microsoft giving lip service to podcasting.



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