Media Player Integrated Statistics

By Alex Mandossian

Right now Media Player is a memory hog that really doesn′t do anything that any of the other products like it don′t do. I can listen to my music and podcasts in iTunes and iTunes gets my podcasts for me.

In order to make Media Player relevant again, Microsoft could offer listener statistics to their podcasters.

I want to know how often my files have moved from one person to another. I would like to send content out as a Windows Media file and have Media Player not only list what was listened to but how long someone listen to it on their computer and if they synched it with a portable device.

Microsoft could collect the data and send it back to me whenever Media Player connects to the Internet. Right now, all the players have the ability to turn communication on and off with the software companies, and that should always be there.

I′d pay a lot of money to get a sampling of my market and know how much and how long my market listened to my podcasts. That′s really important to me as a podcaster.

No one is offering that service right now to podcasters. If Microsoft′s Media Player could report some permission based statistics and integrate that automatic two-way communication with the podcaster, that would establish Microsoft in the game immediately.



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