Portable Media Expo 2005 – A Glimpse into the Future

By Alex Mandossian

Portable Media Expo 2005 was an incredible event!  I recommend that anyone interested in podcasting plan to attend the next one on September 29-30, 2006.

Tim Borkwin produced a class act.  I have never seen such an awesome first time expo and I can′t wait to see what he has planned for the second one.

One question that was obviously on every attendee′s mind was, “Can I monetize a podcast?  Can I see a revenue stream from it?”

Although there were many big name keynote speakers at the expo discussing the topic of portable media, when my good friend, Tom Jeffries from Industrial Audio Software held a breakout session titled Podcasting to Your Bottom Line, the room was totally packed.  It was standing room only and a fire marshal guarded the door to prevent more people from entering.

The other breakout sessions had no shortage of seats to hear the keynote speakers, but on the topic of how to monetize a podcast, the response was overwhelming.



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