A New Way to Communicate

By Alex Mandossian

Because of technology, the world is at a turning point in the way people communicate and in the way people monetize their content.  With the advent of podcasting and small, affordable media players, communicating content to other people has never been easier, faster, or more convenient.

A song can be downloaded almost instantly over the internet to go with you wherever you go.  Instead of carrying a CD player that holds one CD with about a dozen songs, we can carry one small media player in a shirt pocket that holds hundreds of songs or hours of instructional audio.

We don′t have to drive to the store to buy the music or wait for it to arrive at our house in the mail.  It doesn′t get any more convenient than that.

The huge interest in the subject of profiting from podcasting that was demonstrated at the Portable Media Expo 2005 is an indication of where the industry is heading.  I believe the next expo will be even bigger and better than this one was.  And the third will be even better still.

I can see Portable Media Expo growing as fast as Comdex has.  Comdex is an expo known for their expertise on the topics of electronics and new technology.

And with this new technology comes the question, “Can I make money with podcasting?”

People want to know if it can be done. 

Well, I′m doing it with Marketing Online Live, the official podcast of www.MarketingOnlineLive.com and with our new premium podcasts services.



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