Apple & iTunes Phones?

Apple LogoDominating the Market

Apple announced that iTunes is selling 1.8 million songs a day. This shows that people are going to the internet for content and are willing to pay well for it. Songs are soft content. If consumers are willing to pay $0.99 for soft content, how much more are they going to be willing to pay for hard content?

I think the biggest news is that iTunes just released the iTunes phone, a cellular phone that holds about a hundred songs. Because it has a screen, people can choose the song they want to listen to, unlike the iPod shuffle that has no screen.

Another announcement is that 30% of all cars sold in the U.S. in 2006 will offer an option of including some sort of iPod connectivity. This opens a whole marketing channel for information marketers.

Perhaps the most exciting item announced by Apple is the release of the iPod Nano. It has a gorgeous color display, is thinner than a pencil, and weighs 1.5 ounces. It also uses Flash memory instead of a hard drive resulting in fourteen hours of battery life.

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Most people don’t want to buy and carry around multiple electronic devices, but most Americans today already have a cell phone. Now Apple has come out with the iPod phone.

Although not everyone is going to buy the iPod phone in the next two months, I think that in the next year every phone is going to have some sort of MP3 capability on it, and Apple is going to lead the way.




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