Is Yahoo Killing Apple with Podcasting?

30441497.jpgIs Yahoo Podcasting killing iTunes? What I’m going to talk about is what′s going to put Yahoo ahead. That is usability. Usability is everything. 

Before Outlook looked like Outlook, there must have been hundreds of thousands of dollars that went into developing its usability. A lot of companies spend a lot of money on usability – it′s extremely important because for a guy like me who doesn′t know technology very well, usability is the thing.

If I don′t consume it, it′s not going to be utilized. If it′s not utilized, I don′t pay for it. 

Yahoo′s Launch 

Let′s take a look at a couple things. The first thing is Yahoo made a big announcement when they launched a Beta; The link is, the sub-domain of Yahoo. Talk about a firm commitment, Yahoo has made a commitment to podcast just by the nature of the name.On the other hand, when I type in I get an MSN search. It goes from Apple to MSN! Bill Gates is getting the last laugh.As an Internet marketer, it is a big mystery to me as to why no one at Apple has made or just Why don′t they have that go to the podcasting page at Apple? It′s inexpensive and takes a minimal amount of time.

As beautiful as Apple is, what Yahoo announced just might win. 





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