A Server Built For Podcasters

30452442.jpgMicrosoft has a web server called IIS, or Internet Information Server. Their main competitor is the web server from Linux. 

It has always been difficult to get people to switch from a Linux server to a Windows server.

This is┬ábecause Microsoft is more expensive, there are always technical and support issues and, quite frankly, there is really no compelling reason to do so. 

But I′ve got a compelling offer for Microsoft that would make their server sales soar.

If the next version of IIS had podcasting statistics integrated into it, I would personally move everything to a Microsoft server in a heartbeat. And I know thousands of podcasters who would do exactly the same.

What do I mean by podcasting statistics? 

I mean statistics that let me go into my web hosting server and retrieve full reports on the things I want to track on my podcasts. 

As a marketer, I like to know how many real subscribers I have, how many people listened to me via computer, and how many people downloaded my podcast and took it with them on an iPod or other device. 

I′d also like to tie the IP addresses that the podcatchers ping into a SQL database.

These types of statistics could help any company make very important decisions about getting their message out. And it sure wouldn′t hurt Microsoft′s profits if they provided this feature.



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