Hello, iPhone

19259558.jpgIf you′ve opened up any newspaper or read any on-line news coverage lately, this is what you′ll be reading about: Apple′s new iPhone.

Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone at the Macworld expo in San Francisco.

Jobs calls it a “revolutionary mobile phone.” This phone will be available in June 2007. It has the capability to play iTunes, search the internet and make phone calls.

It will be available in 2 models; a 4GB version that will run $499 and there will also be an 8GB version at $599.

Jobs especially noted the phones Internet browsing capabilities.

He was able to show the audience the full-page display on the phone of The New York Times web site. Most smartphones need a special version of software or the page is oddly formatted. Not the iPhone!

Cingular will be Apple′s sole partner. It′s an exclusive multiyear agreement, which boils down to Cingular being the only carrier to sell the iPhone until 2010. Nice contract for Cingular!

Jobs also announced that Apple′s iTunes will be selling movies from the Paramount films studio. 

What you once knew as iTV will now be called Apple TV.

This will be a wireless connection for up to five computers to stream or download movies and TV shows. Apple TV will begin shipping in February 2007 and will run $299.

Apple will be changing its name from Apple Computer Inc. to Apple Inc. This is to reflect the changing nature of the company′s product list.

Apple′s not just computers anymore, and that benefits all of us.



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