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34703330.jpgAs an information marketer, how do you capitalize on subscriptions?

Give away the player and charge for information. That′s the future. 

Charge for iPods pre-loaded with valuable information and, of course, for the subscriptions to automatically receive new updates.

Just look at how well this concept worked for Amazon as well as Internet Explorer. 

They didn′t charge for access to their products and subscriptions. 

Why? Because companies like Amazon knew that once you ordered the first book online, had it shipped to your house and never had to step foot outside your door, you′d be hooked for life.They knew all the money was in the BACK END. They stopped monetizing and started residualizing.

When you sell a product, that′s it. The deal is sealed, and you are done. It′s time to start over in the sales process. 

But when you sell a subscription, your sale goes on and on and on. Your subscribers are paying every week, month or whatever you choose.

Even technophobes like me can do this. It′s no different than the principle behind a website. 

Just because you don′t know how to build one, it doesn′t mean you can′t make money with one. 

I don′t know the first thing about building a website, but I manage to make a seven-figure income with them every year. And you can, too.



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