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19145686.jpgRSS – which stands for “really simple syndication,” is a way to subscribe to Internet content.

It puts users in control of what information they receive.

It has also opened a whole new world of possibilities for online information marketers.

Why? Because RSS is about streamlining and personalizing information, which is the bread and butter for information marketers.

Information distribution via the Internet has evolved through three distinct phases.

Phase #1: Surfing

In the early days of the Internet, users only had one option to find content – to surf.

They jumped from one webpage to another webpage to another trying to find interesting information.

Surfing was a big waste of time. Users hoped for a link, a recommendation or something on a website that had the information they were seeking.

The search engines that were available at the time were inadequate, and it was a very frustrating phase of for the non-techie.

Basically, the folks who were not technically minded, like me, weren′t in on the first phase.

Phase #2: Searching

I think the era of searching came in with the introduction of Google. Before Google, the other search engines were slightly better than surfing, but not much.

Search engines were very easily manipulated and search results could be unpredictable.

Google changed that so now users can find what they want rather easily. MSN is good, and Yahoo is also a key player.

Traditionally, when a user found what he was searching for, he had two options: He could either bookmark the page so he could revisit it later or print the page.

Phase #3: SubscriptionsTo be Continued



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