The Power of Convenience

19022565.jpgA podcast is all about convenience. It′s an alternative method used to consume information.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is more about inconvenience than about control or restriction.

There’s really no way to restrict any savvy information publisher.

That inconvenience marks the difference between what is monetizable and what isn′t.

I′ve sold more than $4.5 million of my own information products in the past 7 years and more than $200 million worth of other people′s information products.

My products include DVDs, audio cassettes, CDs, MP3 downloads, Audio Generator and teleseminars without the use of DRM, except for pin codes and dial-in numbers.

Now I use podcasting, which is extremely powerful and convenient.

Anyone with an iPod or other MP3 device can just plug in, download and listen (or just listen from their computer sans device).

Podcasts are Instant

Podcasts are about speed and up-to-the-minute information.

Some information, like stock quotes, need to be updated very often. Podcasts can do that. The same is true when it comes to certain information products.

This is essential today because the speed at which we get our information has not only increased, it has accelerated. Like compounded growth.

Convenience and speed are why Digital Rights Management (DRM) is an issue for podcasting. It′s convenient to plug a USB cable into an MP3 player. You can download a podcast and listen to it in the car.

If speed and convenience are what podcasting, media casting, audio casting or video casting are all about, then DRM becomes an issue.



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