Intimate Is Better

30452233.jpgIn the last blog post I wrote about the first of three things that every business should know about podcasting for your business.

This is that audiences are expecting and deserve to be able to time and place shift.

#2: The more intimate the communication, the less the distraction.

This is one of the most powerful things about podcasting. It′s what The Business Podcasting Bible is all about.

I′ve been waving the flag on marketing intimacy since I started marketing 10 years ago. Podcasting is intimate because it appeals to your sense of sound.

Spam is also intimate, but in a negative way, because it′s coming inside your computer – your personal space. That′s why people rant about spam but have no problem just tossing junk snail mail.

The closer the message is to your person, the more intimate it is. And the more of an insult it becomes when you′re getting messages you didn′t ask for.

The iPod makes communicating more intimate and more convenient.

I no longer have CDs slipping in between the seats of my car because I load my iPod with messages and information I want to hear.

The iPod gives us an intimate, portable, complete communication package in the palms of our hands. We are able to eliminate the distractions that lose sales in ways we never could before.

That′s a beautiful thing.



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