Is Your Technology Smart?

26559453.jpgIn episode #32 of Marketing Online Live, Paul and I were discussing the difference between “dumb” and “smart” technology.

Specifically iPods and MP3 players.

In essence, the devices themselves are dumb and the content is smart.

When I say “dumb,” I′m not referring to it in the bad sense of the term, like they can′t do anything or “dumb” as in stupid.

I mean dumb, as it can′t do anything by itself or alone.

It has to be given something to have “smarts” or a “brain.” The brain in this case is the content.

I think you′re going to find an inflection point like Andy Grove used to talk about from Intel – a major change due to the introduction of new technologies.

As the trend grows, and as bigger players in the marketplace start preloading devices (MP3 players, iPods), you’ll see that more and more people will value a preloaded player that is “smart” versus a non-preloaded player that is “dumb.”

So, do you want smart marketing or dumb marketing?

I think everyone wants smart marketing, and we′ll see how fast it catches on.

It will be very interesting to see how this trend flourishes because I know it′s going to accelerate quickly.



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