There’s More To Life Than A Play List

16286066.jpgIt′s time to take the iPod to a new level. There′s more to life than just a “play list.”

There′s a “learn list” a “news list” and any other type of list you can think of.

Play list means music with the iPod, but the content on an iPod can go way beyond music.

Just music on the iPod was the old model – now it′s time to absorb and consume news and information.

With the ease and convenience of these new devices, we can listen while we′re traveling, in our place of business, our home or wherever it is we are on a time shift basis.

But there′s more to life than just a play list, and that′s the trend I′m looking to.

The next trend is to change the directory of the de facto standard of all catchers like the iPod –whether it′s a Nano, a shuffle or anything else with a screen that has a play list on it.

It′s not only an artist now, it′s a speaker, a learn list, a news story.

It′s time to change that configuration, and I think that′s been the driving force of why music and non-monetization has been around for as long as it has.

Along the lines of adding channels to the dials of the old TV sets, it′s time to change the channel digitally on the iPod.



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