Great Idea, Poor Execution

mind-the-gap.jpgIn episode #34 of Marketing Online Live, Paul and I were discussing the fact that National Semiconductor gave away 30 gigabyte iPods to all their employees.

The reason? They understood the value of the training and learning this technology offers, and they were willing to spend good money on it.

However, I think they completely missed the boat on this move.

They were lazy in their approach. They knew they had to get iPods into someone′s hands. Do you know how much “entertainment,” not education, you can get on 30 gigabytes?

Here′s what I would have done: I would have given out a 1 GB Nano.

Why? A 1 gigabyte Nano has just enough room to load it with all the company information National Semiconductor could have wanted – such as a message from the CEO, seminars and other information.

It′s the perfect size “Learn Pod” as we′re calling it. So they blew it.

With 30 gigabytes, I′m sure the employees are filling up their iPods with songs, movies and everything else that′s available, and the company information is a distant memory.

A human being will always gravitate towards entertainment as opposed to education.

I think National Semiconductor is teaching their employees how to play. Great idea, but horrible execution.

In my opinion, a complete train wreck.



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