Amateur or Professional? The Difference is More Then a Buck


In episode #36 of Marketing Online Live, Paul and I discussed our upcoming course, Podcast Secrets.

We learned that before launching any type of course, it′s always best to have a workshop so people can give you feedback on the course.

For instance, what the modules should be about, what to name them and any other comments.

There is also the difference between being an amateur or hobbyist and being a professional.

What’s the difference? $1.  A professional is making money. If you make even $1 at something, you′re a professional.

If you′re reading this and you make money – even just $1 – from your podcast, then let me know and I′ll give you the appropriate link because you are now a “professional.”

Whether you want to believe it or not, it is important for you to be distinguished as a professional because that is the purpose of The Business Podcasting Bible and for Marketing Online Live.

Through these media (Business Podcasting Bible as a book and Marketing Online Live as a podcast), I am teaching people how to podcast professionally and make money from it both indirectly and directly.

Podcasting is an important part of your marketing mix or part of a subscription-based information series of products, and its time to start profiting now.



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