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Are you frustrated with technology? Especially the lack of instruction out there on how to use it?

I ask this because it was part of my discussion with Paul Colligan in episode #36 of Marketing Online Live.

I personally am still not happy with the search features surrounding pod catching.

People just assume (or I guess whoever is running the podcast platforms where you can catch and download this stuff), that others know what they′re doing.

I have yet to see a video tutorial on how to do this.

I have a redirected URL – a forwarding URL – which I love doing for a lot of my students, called It simply redirects to the Google AdWords video tutorials on how to use AdWords to create advertisements on the Google search engine.

I believe there is no better set of video and audio tutorials than the AdWords tutorials. Why? They′re generated by Google.

So why can′t there be something on how to broadcast properly and how to do it with videos?

I′d love to see something for us techno-dummies on using a digital video recorder and showing exactly the way something is plugged into the USB port – just like the way my friend Mike Stewart does it at with audio equipment.

This is the same equipment we use for the “live” podcasts of Marketing Online Live.

I think the consumption of podcasts is in its dinosaur age, and this is one area that we have overlooked. How do you catch a podcast? We should all learn.



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