The Carrot or The Stick?


In episode #37 of Marketing Online Live, Paul and I discussed motivating large companies to embrace time shifted media delivery using the carrot vs. the stick.

I am a stick person. Why? Because people are more motivated when you take something away from them versus offering something they may not have.

Carrot and stick is basically equivalent to pain and pleasure.

The “take away,” as it′s often called in sales, is extremely important. If someone has always been poor and dies without money it′s not as painful as if someone who has been rich and then goes broke.

That is extremely painful, and that person is a lot more motivated to be rich again.

That analogy is true whether you want to believe it or not. I believe the stick is a lot more powerful because I have seen how motivated people are to get back what they once had and now lost.

I work with these people. My job is to show them ways to get it all back again.

The stick works best for me personally as well. It motivates, persuades and inspires me to do the things I like to do.

This is also true in maximizing business intimacy.

Every company wants greatness, but one that has never had it has less inspiration, internal persuasion or motivation to get it. They don′t realize how powerful it can be. And therefore, they aren’t motivated enough to change.



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