First 5 Commandments of Podcasting


You may be aware that Paul Colligan and I are about to launch a new course titled Podcast Secrets.

This course stemmed from the book that Paul and I wrote together called The Business Podcasting Bible.

In the book we discuss the 10 commandments of business podcasting. Today I′ll share¬†5:

1. Thou Shalt Ask My Audience: Go directly to the market first and ask them what they want. Create the message from their feedback.

2. Thou Shalt Know Thy Audience: You need to know not only what your audience wants, but also who your audience is.

As in the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, you have to seek first to understand, then to be understood. In other words, first understand what your audience wants, then work on being understood by your audience.

3. Thou Shalt Match Message to Market: Ideally, if you ask your market what they want, you′ll then match your message to your market. Unless you know what they want, how they want it and why they want it, it′s almost impossible to guess.

4. Thou Shalt Repurpose When Possible: If you have made the match between your market and your message, then repurposing allows you to make more money or expand your reach.

5. Thou Shalt Separate Channel From Medium: Channel is technology and medium is format. You′ve got to separate the two out.

Sometimes they will be the same thing, sometimes they will be different, and that has to become part of your strategy.

For example, the podcast is technology, the teleseminar is technology and the radio is technology. The format would be a teleseminar, a television show, a movie or a recording of a book on tape.

These commandments are a little tongue in cheek, but at the same time they are very serious.



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