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canfield_110.gifIt’s Virtual Book Tour Systems time. What is that? Well, let me take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about it.

This is a 4 Module course I created and launched last year. This course teaches how to sell more books faster, better and with less effort. Each session is a Module because they are not sequential. You don’t need to realize and understand the previous module. They don’t build on each other. They are stand-alone.

Module 1 is Repurposing Strategies. These are principle centered strategies on how to repurpose your content and accelerate profit.

Module 2 is List-Building Strategies. List building is how to build a hyper-responsive online list from scratch. According to our surverys, list building is the number one request that people want to know more about. These strategies will never become obsolete.

Module 3 is Tele-selling Strategies. I tele-sell and tele-promote all the time. I lead with content, and I promote with passion. When you listen to me, listen for content the first time and then the second go around, listen from an aerial view. How to sell more books or information products with teleseminars is the name of the game.

Module 4 is Outsourcing Strategies. This is how to outsource your busy work to reliable vendors. I will have my vendors that are in the main categories on the modules so that you have access to them.



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