Repurposing: Hard Cover & Soft Cover Books

glasses_110.jpgPart of what I teach in Virtual Book Tour Systems is repurposing content.

A good example of repurposing content is a hard cover book called Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of All Time by Richard Hodgson.

This book is repurposed content.

Richard took all of the sales letters he accumulated from friends and colleagues during the 40s, 50s and even before and compiled them into a book that sells for almost $70.

A compilation book is an ingenious way to make money from a book. It doesn’t take nearly as long to create and can be considered just as valuable as original content.

You can do the same thing. For instance, let’s say you have a collection of love letters. You can compile them into one book and do exactly what Mr. Hodgson did.

You can also repurpose from a hard cover to a paperback.

A soft cover book is nothing more than a repurposed message that is more affordable to a certain segment of the market.

And I′ll tell you something – many people who purchase hard covers also purchase soft covers. Why not make it easy for them to buy what they need?



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