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To Repurpose or Not Repurpose – 4 Reasons

questionmark_110.jpgI teach my students to live by 4 principles of Tele-Training.

If you implement these strategies religiously, your annual income will inevitably turn into a monthly income three years from now. Try it – you have nothing to lose.

Principle #1: List Building. Without a list, you have no one to get your message to. Therefore, you need to build a list. And the key to list-building is to focus on lots of little ways, not one big one. [Read more…]

It’s Not the Fish – It’s How to Fish

fishing_110.jpgThe principles of list-building go back to the biblical adage that says, “Give a man a fish and he has a meal. Teach a man (or woman) how to fish, and he has a meal for a lifetime.”

You profit for a lifetime when you know how to fish, or to properly assemble a list.

I′m not talking about fishing with a fishing rod – that′s much too slow.

What I′m talking about is fishing with a net. A rod catches only one fish at a time – a net catches many. [Read more…]

List Building: It All Starts Here

discs_110.jpgThe most frequently asked questions I get are about list-building.

List-building is building a list of customers and potential customers you can market to over and over again.

With my 10 years as a direct response marketer, 5 years as an online marketer and 15 years as a general marketer, this is hands down the number one question I get asked.

Without a list, you have no one to speak to.

When you have no one to speak to, you have no one to promote to. [Read more…]

Infinite Possibilities, Same Content

search_110.jpgIn my last blog post, I wrote about a few ways to repurpose your content.

One way in particular was to create a website, e-zine or blog post. As I said, a blog post should be your first website, and it′s very easy to do.

How does someone without any prior knowledge of ‘blogging′ go about taking those first few steps?

A great place to start is It has everything you need to get a site on the web all in one place. [Read more…]

Repurposing: Create and Empire with the Same Content

globe_110.jpgAs I was discussing in previous blog posts, repurposing is the key to making one idea many.

Take a bedtime story. Most parents have read their kids bedtime stories (and oftentimes it′s the same one over and over). A bedtime story is what an audio CD is.

It′s you reading your book. And when you read your book, you end up giving a bedtime story that has the same ‘meme affect′. Everyone enjoys being read to. [Read more…]