Repurposing: Create and Empire with the Same Content

globe_110.jpgAs I was discussing in previous blog posts, repurposing is the key to making one idea many.

Take a bedtime story. Most parents have read their kids bedtime stories (and oftentimes it′s the same one over and over). A bedtime story is what an audio CD is.

It′s you reading your book. And when you read your book, you end up giving a bedtime story that has the same ‘meme affect′. Everyone enjoys being read to.

A great example of an audio book is E-Myth Mastery by Michael Gerber. It′s one of my favorites.

On any long trip, I drive with Michael Gerber and E-Myth Revisited and E-Myth Mastery. While driving I can′t read a book, but I sure can listen to and enjoy one on CD.

If not a CD, then repurpose into an AudioGenerator or MP3 download. No matter what the format, all you need to do is read your book.

Editorials and articles are another way to repurpose your content. A great example is AdvantEdge by Nightingale Conant. Carson Conant is a good friend of mine. He started AdvantEdge, which is repurposing Nightingale Canant′s products.

What is Nightingale Conant? It′s repurposing other people′s products, whether it′s Zig Ziglar, Jay Abraham, Denis Waitley, Brian Tracy or Mark Victor Hansen. It′s repurposing with audio content so that people, especially during a commute, can listen and make the most out of their down time.

Other repurposing ideas include blogs, e-zines and websites. Every person should start with a blog or an eZine. I prefer a blog because it′s so easy to put up, especially with WordPress. This is the type of blog I have.

It′s so simple to create a blog. In fact, a blog should be your first website. Google and other search engines love blogs. They consume blogs voraciously because of the new content.

The name of the game is getting your content and message to as many different markets as possible.



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