Infinite Possibilities, Same Content

search_110.jpgIn my last blog post, I wrote about a few ways to repurpose your content.

One way in particular was to create a website, e-zine or blog post. As I said, a blog post should be your first website, and it′s very easy to do.

How does someone without any prior knowledge of ‘blogging′ go about taking those first few steps?

A great place to start is It has everything you need to get a site on the web all in one place.

You can check domain names and purchase or transfer domain names. It also has information about website building and hosting, along with marketing tools.

Another great repurposing tool is the audio postcard.

I have 52 weeks from Teleseminar Secrets, one for each week of the year. All of these came directly from questions that students asked. I took that content and repurposed it into audio postcards.

So, if people ask you questions jot them down. You can turn them into a teleseries via teleseminars or via audio postcards. You can even use these questions as topics for your blog posts.

You can create an empire starting with just one book. Let your mind go crazy with all the ideas then embrace them.



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