List Building: It All Starts Here

discs_110.jpgThe most frequently asked questions I get are about list-building.

List-building is building a list of customers and potential customers you can market to over and over again.

With my 10 years as a direct response marketer, 5 years as an online marketer and 15 years as a general marketer, this is hands down the number one question I get asked.

Without a list, you have no one to speak to.

When you have no one to speak to, you have no one to promote to.

When you have no one to promote to, you have no one to take out a wallet and buy.

It all starts with the list.

Even if it seems silly, say to yourself right now: “List-building is the most important thing for me.”

I have lists, sublists and databases. I have all my contacts and my spheres of influence, all my marketing know-how and training skills.

But if you asked me, “Which would you choose if you could keep only one thing,” my response would NOT be my lists.

Why? Because I can build a list from scratch. And so can you. What is most important is the process of how to build the list, not the list itself.



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