It’s Not the Fish – It’s How to Fish

fishing_110.jpgThe principles of list-building go back to the biblical adage that says, “Give a man a fish and he has a meal. Teach a man (or woman) how to fish, and he has a meal for a lifetime.”

You profit for a lifetime when you know how to fish, or to properly assemble a list.

I′m not talking about fishing with a fishing rod – that′s much too slow.

What I′m talking about is fishing with a net. A rod catches only one fish at a time – a net catches many.

To list build this way, throw out a net for very specific types of fish with very specific needs. You don′t kill and eat these fish; you save them, nurture them and let them multiply.

They have word of mouth, and all of a sudden the fish tank with 50 fish turns into 5,000 and then 50,000.

This doesn′t happen overnight. You start with an empty tank and build from there.

You don′t hand catch these fish. You want to cast a net. Robots, tools, software are all ways to help you cast your net and are methods we′ll discuss more in the future.



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