To Repurpose or Not Repurpose – 4 Reasons

questionmark_110.jpgI teach my students to live by 4 principles of Tele-Training.

If you implement these strategies religiously, your annual income will inevitably turn into a monthly income three years from now. Try it – you have nothing to lose.

Principle #1: List Building. Without a list, you have no one to get your message to. Therefore, you need to build a list. And the key to list-building is to focus on lots of little ways, not one big one.

We′re all looking for that “one” big way, that one big list – I′m guilty of it too – but it doesn′t work that way. There is no one big way to build to your list (to be more accurate, you shouldn’t rely on one big way).

Let me put it this way – say you have 100 list-building strategies and 10% of them are wiped out, you’re still 90% strong. 

If you have lots of little ways to build your list and some don′t work out, you still have other ways to fall back on. But if you rely on that one big way and strike out, you′re out of business.

Principle #2: MI, or Marketing Intimacy. However you market, aim to raise the Marketing Intimacy. In my case, I bring all of my life into my training, which creates an intimacy between me and my audience.

Whether they are listening to my words or reading them, my audience knows who I am. Raise the intimacy of your marketing and mix in some teleseminars and audio content so they know you.

Principle #3: Do a little each week. This one is simple. If you do nothing more than establish one list-building principle each week and you spend one hour per day on it five day a week, then after 52 weeks you′ve got 52 strategies. (And, best yet, you’re not working on the weekends.)

Principle #4: More links equals more traffic.

The Internet is an enormous series of links and the more you have coming to your website, the more traffic you get – period. If you remember anything, remember this last principle.



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