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Discover the Power of a Teleseminar Timeline

16286066.jpgIf you want to monetize your teleseminar presentations faster, better and with less human effort, then it makes sense to draft your “timeline” before your event.

Good tele-trainers deliver content and make a Call-To-Action (CTA) on Teleseminars like any “platform” presentation. Great tele-trainers follow a pre-planned Teleseminar timeline that elicits more “physical” action from their audience.

The Point: Your presentation will be clearer and more powerful when you plan what you want to say and when to say it.


Glossary: “Teleseminar Timeline” is a linear representation or timetable of WHAT to say, and sequentially WHEN to say it, in order to get greater “monetization” out of any Teleseminar, Teleconference, Webinar or TeleWebcast.

Rediscover the Importance of Email Etiquette

30452233.jpgIf you want to instantly boost the productivity and receptivity of your B2B email messages, then start communicating in “memo” style.

Most online marketers are unproductive with their inter- or outer-office B2B emails because they don′t follow specific email etiquette.

The Point:  You will double and even triple your Team′s productivity once you set specific criteria of how long and what your email messages should say. Specifically, it′s best to limit emails to a single thought and 70 words.


Glossary:  “B2B e-mail etiquette” refers to setting e-mail rules for better business-to-business communications. This will reduce confusion and makes a Team much more productive.  Keep your emails to one idea at 70 words.

Ask Your Customers The Ultimate Question

questionsign_110.jpgIf you want to accelerate “good profits” and drive true “organic” growth of your company, then start asking new customers the Ultimate Question.

Most customer surveys are too long and fail to measure the likelihood of a recommendation or “delight” level. But one simple question can determine your company’s future once your customers give you their answers.

The Point: The sooner (and also more frequently) you ask the “Ultimate Question,” the sooner you will inspire as well as influence customer referrals.


Glossary:  “Ultimate Question” is a key question to ask new buyers which produces your company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS). This divides your customers into three groups:   Promoters, Passives and finally Detractors.

“Rules for Renegades”

Christine Comaford-Lynch
Christine Comaford-Lynch

Listen to Virtual Book Tour…

High school dropout turned self-made multimillionaire and five-time CEO, Christine Comaford-Lynch presents an upbeat, irreverent business book for entrepreneurs, free spirits and eponymous renegades. Focusing on passionate young people who have grit and vision but limited experience and/or resources, the author presents

practical, step-by-step advice for starting a company, making it in a cutthroat environment and reaching life goals in record time, while recounting her entertaining, often hilarious life story.

During this 1-hour Virtual Book Tour, Christine reveals the story behind her latest book, Rules for Renegades. The book’s promise is: “How to Make More Money, Rock Your Career, and Revel in Your Individuality”.

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Uncover the Revenue Potential of “Sublisting”

folderlist_110.jpgIf you want to accelerate your sales faster, easier and more cost-efficiently, then it makes sense to consider the revenue generating power of creating sublists from your master “house list.”

The problem is, most online marketers focus on only two major Sublists: “Prospects” and “Customers.”  This is a mistake.

The Point: Even though email is free, creating Sublists with your online database will capture more revenue, faster, better and easier. This is because you can quickly and easily track the behavior of your buyers and prospects.


Glossary:  “Sublisting” is separating a portion of your master online list that you derive from behavior-specific activities such as a 2nd Sales, Testimonials, Surveys, Contests, etc. from your “house list.”

3 Ways to Repurpose Other People′s Content to Boost Your Profits

discs_110.jpgRepurposing your content is an ingenious way to make more money with less effort. So is repurposing other people′s content.

I′m not talking about plagiarizing or stealing someone else′s ideas.

I′m talking about using information that is already out there and repurposing it into a format not already available so it appeals to new and different audiences and directs those audiences back to your core marketing message. [Read more…]