Discover the Power of a Teleseminar Timeline

16286066.jpgIf you want to monetize your teleseminar presentations faster, better and with less human effort, then it makes sense to draft your “timeline” before your event.

Good tele-trainers deliver content and make a Call-To-Action (CTA) on Teleseminars like any “platform” presentation. Great tele-trainers follow a pre-planned Teleseminar timeline that elicits more “physical” action from their audience.

The Point: Your presentation will be clearer and more powerful when you plan what you want to say and when to say it.


Glossary: “Teleseminar Timeline” is a linear representation or timetable of WHAT to say, and sequentially WHEN to say it, in order to get greater “monetization” out of any Teleseminar, Teleconference, Webinar or TeleWebcast.



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