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Utilize the “Box Label” Stick Strategy

Hot air balloon with a logoIf you want to quickly and easily increase your customer Lifetime Values (LTV), start sticking outer box labels (with 24-hour recorded messages) on every single shippable product you sell from this point forward.

The Point:  By utilizing “robotic marketing” with automated, set-it and forget-it “stick strategies” like package labels with 24-hour recorded messages, you′ll instantly boost the consumption value of your offers.


Glossary: “Robotic” marketing is the process of building meaningful relationships with your customers as the result of pre-written and/or pre-recorded (automated) messages either before or after the customer purchases.

Discover the “Phone Follow-Up” Stick Strategy

rolodex_110.jpgIf you want to instantly and almost effortlessly increase your customer Lifetime Values (LTV), start getting your Team members to conduct brief, yet high-impact “follow-up” calls with all of your new customers.

The Point: The sooner (and the more often) you follow-up with your new customers by phone, the faster you will accelerate the growth of your database as well as dramatically lower the likelihood of refund requests.


Glossary: “Stick strategies” are marketing activities that help you maximize profits (make sales “stick”) and minimize losses (such as refund requests).

Plug Into the Power of “Consumption” Theory

Hairstylist with productsIf you want to motivate your customers to consume sooner and more often, then it makes sense to develop a Consumption Matrixâ„¢ for every product or service you offer from this point forward.

Consumption Theoryâ„¢ is NOT about “upsell marketing” before the sale; rather it′s about “relationship marketing” after the sale.

The Point: The sooner (and more frequently) your customers consume your products or services, the wealthier you will become.


Glossary:  “POC” stands for “Point Of Consumption” and each POC situation begs these 3 questions: WHEN? WHY? HOW?

“Capture MORE Profits with Domain Forwarding”

search_110.jpgIf you want to utilize a simple, yet powerful strategy to make your affiliate domains or longer URLs easier to remember and utter, then it makes sense to starting utilizing the “domain forwarding” strategy.

This technique maximizes your brandability (and profits) and minimizes URL typos and “error” pages.  Affiliates, teleseminar marketers, professional speakers and offline marketers win more sales with “domain forwarding.”

The Point: Domain forwarding creates better tracking and measurability as well as easy-to-write and easy-to-say URLs.


Glossary:  “Domain forwarding” works with long URLs by masking the root domain and then redirects the traffic to a specified URL that is not as easy to remember (or say) as the domain that′s being forwarded.