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The Power of Becoming “Results-Centered”

Faucet attached to a lemonIf you want boost your impact on others, as well as influence the outcomes of your personal and professional life, then start thinking in terms of achieving “results” instead engaging in mundane “activities.”

Most entrepreneurial CEOs sacrifice their credibility when they confuse their activities with their accomplishments or “results.”

Any entrepreneurial CEO can instantly boost their credibility and track record whenever they engage in “results-centered” dialogues with their Teams or Vendors.

The Point: When you start focusing on “results” you life will change because you′ll become more productive faster, better and with less human effort.


Glossary:  “Results-Centered” dialogues are when two people agree and commit to produce an outcome or “result” that is specifically measurable and sustainably predictable.

Teleseminar Secrets Tip #35

FAQ: “How can Teleseminars be used with Affiliate Marketing?”

Answer: Please see video below

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Offline “Repurposing” Reduces Refund Requests

Mesy Desk with CD's & DVD'sIf you slash your “refund request” rates in half, then start utilizing offline “repurposing” strategies such as transcripts, CDs and DVDs.

Most information publishers have an organic refund rate that ranges from 2% to 20% if they only offer “online” versions of their info products.

The Point: You′ll cut your “natural refund rate” significantly once you start offering “offline” versions of your online digital info products and even software.


Glossary: Your “natural refund rate” refers to the organic percentage of those customers who make the decisionto return your product during the guarantee period.

Teleseminar Secrets Tip #17

FAQ: “How do I get rid of my fear of doing public Teleseminars?”

Answer: Please see video below.

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“The Green Guide Girls Guide to Book Publishing”

Jennifer Wilkov
Jennifer Wilkov

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Jennifer Wilkov is an award winning author of “From Thought to Sales in 90 Days” and the “Dating Your Money” series.

During this 1-hour Virtual Book Tour, Jennifer reveals the story behind her latest book, The Green Guide Girls Guide to Book Publishing. The book promises to answer the question, “How do we make THAT green?”

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“5 Wishes”

Gay Hendricks
Dr. Gay Hendricks

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Gay Hendricks has become one one of the most popular writers and speakers of our time. His books, seminars and web courses have helped hundreds of thousands of people profoundly change the quality of their lives.

During this 1-hour Virtual Book Tour. Gay reveals the story behind his latest book, 5 Wishes. The book’s promise is: “How Answering One Simple Question Can Make Your Dreams Come True.”

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The Power of “Before-After-After” Testimonials

The majority of marketers rely on the “Before/After” testimonial approach to demonstrate the credibility of their products or services.

An approach that generates higher impact is the “Before/After/After” testimonial template I first learned from my friend and fitness guru, Bill Phillips

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“Be The Media”

David Mathison
David Mathison

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David Mathison is an internationally recognized media expert with more than 20 years experience in content distribution.

Some of the world’s largest – and smallest – publishers use his solutions to directly connect with massive audiences for maximum exposure. His legacy provides global citizens with free news, financial data, audio and video information on the web’s most popular sites.

During this 1-hour Virtual Book Tour, David reveals the story behind his latest book, Be The Media. The book’s promise is: “How To Create and Accelerate Your Message Your Way”.

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Why 24-Hr. Recorded Messages Make Sales Stick

RolodexIf you want to catapult your customer lifetime values (LTV), then start utilizing the robotic and automated power of the 24-hour recorded message.

Every product or service has a story behind how it was developed and every story has a built-in “inherent drama” that appeals to your buyers.

The Point: The “inherent drama” of your product or service offering will have greater impact (and will be more convincing to your prospects) when delivered by the human voice – your voice.

Resource: 1-800-976-8824, Ext. 9008 <—- Teleseminar Secrets

Glossary: “Inherent drama” is a term first coined by advertising legend, Leo Burnett in the 1940s.  The concept refers to a “primal” element of your product or service that is so intensely interesting that it elicits tension in the minds of your prospects to either learn more or buy immediately.

Test the Impact of Your “Response Modifiers”

Definition of AdvertiseIf you want to accelerate the growth of your online and offline business, it pays to “split-test” every single day.  Your success with direct response marketing relies significantly on how often and how well you “split-test.”

By utilizing high-impact “Response Modifiers” daily, you′ll create winning marketing communications to double and/or even triple your sales and profits.

The Point: The sooner and more frequently you test Response Modifiers on your web sites, email communications and offline marketing, the faster you′ll uncover the “sweet spots” of what makes you money.


Glossary:  A “Response Modifier” is a high-impact element in a marketing ad or campaign that influences your conversion rate for better or worse.