Why 24-Hr. Recorded Messages Make Sales Stick

RolodexIf you want to catapult your customer lifetime values (LTV), then start utilizing the robotic and automated power of the 24-hour recorded message.

Every product or service has a story behind how it was developed and every story has a built-in “inherent drama” that appeals to your buyers.

The Point: The “inherent drama” of your product or service offering will have greater impact (and will be more convincing to your prospects) when delivered by the human voice – your voice.

Resource: 1-800-976-8824, Ext. 9008 <—- Teleseminar Secrets

Glossary: “Inherent drama” is a term first coined by advertising legend, Leo Burnett in the 1940s.  The concept refers to a “primal” element of your product or service that is so intensely interesting that it elicits tension in the minds of your prospects to either learn more or buy immediately.



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