The Power of “Before-After-After” Testimonials

The majority of marketers rely on the “Before/After” testimonial approach to demonstrate the credibility of their products or services.

An approach that generates higher impact is the “Before/After/After” testimonial template I first learned from my friend and fitness guru, Bill Phillips

“Before” refers to what life was like before the product or service experience; and, the first “After” refers to what life was like upon experiencing the product or service for the first time or time period.

The second “After” refers to what life is like today, which may be several months or years after the first experience.

The 2nd “After” is what adds more emotional punch to any type of testimonial, especially video testimonials like the ones you can view above on Watch Alex TV.

A little background music and a final comment after the testimonial sequence is over helps build more credibility and captures more sales!

Check out the Watch Alex TV video testimonials (above) to see AND hear what I’m talking about.



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