“Repurpose Your Content for Accelerated Profits”

Hands with paper and cell phoneIf you want to grow your business faster, better and with a lot less human effort, then start thinking and acting as world-class information marketers do.

Every business is an info marketing business and you can instantly “repurpose” your promotional content for a broader reach into your marketing niche.

Almost any type of “content-rich” information can be repurposed into audio, video, written transcripts and any other format to influence a wider market demand.

The Point: “Repurposing” your content into multiple types of info products will boost your revenues, reduce costs and dramatically collapse sales cycles.

Resource: www.RepurposedContent.com

Glossary: “Repurposing” means to convert, reorganize or repackage one form of content for utilization in another format (info product).  For example, you can repurpose a recorded Teleseminar into a CD set or a book or a “how to” course, etc.



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