“Pay Affiliates 90% Commissions for Fast Growth”

Coffee and a calculator on deskIf you want to explode your product launches with less human effort, then I suggest you start hosting $20 preview Teleseminars and pay your affiliate partners $18 for each $20 registrant they acquire (90% commission rate) so they will support you and your product launches … enthusiastically!

Most Internet marketers – these days – kick-off their new product launches with Affiliate partners sending targeted traffic to multi-media websites and stop there.

A time-tested and high-impact approach (that complements multi-media website promotions) is to kick-off your new or “evergreen” product launch utilizing a $20 “preview call” that pays out 90% commissions to your Affiliates who promote it.

The Point: By kicking-off your product launch with a preview call, you instantly and automatically increase the “marketing intimacy” between you and your prospects and often accelerates the revenue generating potential of your marketing.

Resource: www.ExplodingTeleseminars.com  <— $20 Preview Call

Glossary: “Preview calls” are content-rich Teleseminars (often Affiliate-driven) that “preview” the promotion to a new product launch of workshops, “how to” courses, software products, etc.



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