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Cause Change ONE “Micro-Donation” At A Time

Donation BoxIf you want to find more “Givers” and boost your fundraising efforts you might consider the “inclusivity” and the donation generating power from micro-fundraising.

Many organizations needlessly spend thousands of dollars in marketing and promotion to raise funds for their cause.

“Micro-fundraising” teleseminars afford an organization a low-cost way to attract smaller donations and raise funds faster and more cost-efficiently. To get a better idea of how “micro-fundraising” can work for your favorite cause or charity, listen to this 60-minute teleseminar:


Glossary: “Micro-fundraising” is the practice of raising funds for any cause through small donations of $20, $25, $50 or $100 at a time.

How “Idea Journals” Accelerate Business Growth

Sticky Notes covering an officeGive yourself an “empty” gift to start-off the New Year.

It starts off “empty” at the beginning of the year, and then it gets filled once you′ve decided to record your new ideas and observations during the year.  It’s the single most valuable gift you can give yourself this Holiday Season.

I call this gift my “Idea Journal.”  It′s a “perfect bound” empty notebook that′s just [Read more…]

Don’t Miss the Deadline

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Please watch this YouTube video message you see below.  It will take just 1 minute, 28 seconds out of your day, but what you’ll discover after you follow my simple directions may last you a lifetime!

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Learn the Age-Old “Anatomy” of World-Class Ads

Definition of AdvertiseIf you want to instantly boost the pulling-power of your sales copy and other marketing communications then in makes sense to study what good and bad ads have in common.

Over 50 years ago, advertising legend Leo Burnett analyzed the most common characteristics of his 62 biggest advertising flops (the worst ads his agency ever created).

What he discovered was that all of the ads had a low “verb” and high “adjective” to total word ratio.  He concluded that by adding more “power words” (verbs) and reducing “adjectives” it gives sales copy more pulling-power with readers and more traction in the marketplace!

The Resource:

Glossary: If you ever find yourself crippled with “writer’s block,” start utilizing Rudyard Kipling’s “Six Servants” – just ask yourself: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW?

Teleseminar Secrets Crash Course

For an  8 minute, 47 second “crash course” on why it makese sense to take Teleseminar Secrets, please watch *this* you see video below.

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Teleseminars Secrets “Preview Call” Access

Santa on a cell phoneIf you want to learn the time-proven ways to double your income and triple your time-off then I encourage you to participate in my live two hour Teleseminar training.

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