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Santa on a cell phoneIf you want to learn the time-proven ways to double your income and triple your time-off then I encourage you to participate in my live two hour Teleseminar training.

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Teleseminars help you sell and promote information products, software, services, consumer products or practically anything else you can think of better, faster and with less human effort.

They can dramatically boost your profits without making you spend a single dime more on advertising or promotional costs. I should know because I′ve done it.

Hundreds of my students have done it. And now I want to teach you (during my two hour Teleseminar training) how you can do it too!

It sounds crazy, but Teleseminar marketing has made it possible for me to transform my 2001 annual income into an hourly income (16 times) in 2006.  Quite possibly, it may happen again on Thursday evening, December 6th during my live two hour Teleseminar.

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That evening I will again reveal the strategies I′ve utilized to repeatedly generate more sales and branding value for top business leaders such as Donald Trump, Zig Ziglar, Stephen Covey, Harv Eker, Vic Conant, Joe Vitale, Joe Polish, Mark Victor Hansen, Donald Trump …

… and then there’s Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Harvey Mackay, Robert Allen, Michael Gerber, David Bach, Robert Cialdini, Bob Proctor, Barbara DeAngelis, Armand Morin, Scott Martineau, Steve Harrison, Kenneth Blanchard, David Allen, Ted Thomas, David Bach, Tom Antion, Jay Abraham, and many others.

What is a “Teleseminar?” A Teleseminar is a phone call via a bridge line where hundreds, even thousands of people, can listen to the training and even interact or “dialogue” with the instructor.

In fact, not only can I reach all of these people at one time, I can still give them a taste of me while I’m doing it. They feel like they’re getting a more personalized training approach, and it doesn’t take me thousands of hours to accomplish this.

That’s the real power of the Teleseminar (achieving maximum productivity with minimum effort) which is the “one-to-many” approach.

Want to learn more? Join me for a very special “Teleseminar Secrets $20 Preview Call” on Thursday, Dec. 6th at 6 p.m. Pacific (9 p.m. Eastern). I promise you will learn a lot and perhaps even continue your education with me for the formal Teleseminar Secrets training in 2008.

VIP link saves $79 on tuition:

By the end of this call you′ll learn critical advantages to conducting your own teleseminars, mistakes to avoid before and during teleseminars and how to triple your passive income as an “interviewer” of top industry leaders.

I′ll also share several of my successful campaigns that each produced over six-figures in annual income, but required less than two hours of effort (each), how to find low-cost, reliable vendors to help you make more money and how to use teleseminars to automatically build ultra-responsive online lists from scratch.

(Plus you may experience how I make my 2001 annual income in less than one hour!)

Also during this special preview call, you′ll get a taste for things I cover during my eight-week Teleseminar Secrets program, including plenty of useful, actionable advice that you can put to work without buying anything extra.

What To Do Now:  Register for my “Teleseminar Secrets $20 Preview Call” at and as a special thank you you′ll receive my “Insider′s Guide to Teleseminar Profits for Independent Professionals.”

Fair Warning: This LIVE two hour teleseminar is available only to the first 853 people who register. Once 853 tele-slots are filled, you *must* utilize the “webcast” login page and listen to it online. You will get this webcast URL after you register.



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